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Neptune: A journey through the levels of love and self-discovery

Dive into the deep waters of the human experience and you will encounter Neptune – a mystical force that blurs the boundaries of our reality and takes us on a journey through the levels of love and self-discovery.

On the material level, Neptune manifests as a dazzling illusion that challenges our certainties. Its arrival often brings confusion as it blurs the clear lines of life and leads us into a fog of uncertainty. Many find refuge in fantasy worlds or desperately search for love to fill the void left by Neptune.

But on the emotional level, Neptune reveals a transformative power. His touch ignites a flame of love that envelops everything and makes us forget the importance of material desires. Some are prepared to sacrifice everything for this love, while others throw themselves into social projects in order to find a deeper meaning. But caution is advised, because this devotion can lead to us losing ourselves and becoming entangled in dependencies.

On the mental level, Neptune strives for universal love – an ideal that transcends all boundaries. Here our senses are sharpened and we open ourselves to a deeper communication with the universe. This love knows no boundaries and is often referred to as Christ consciousness. It holds the potential for healing and redemption, and it could usher in a new era of coexistence in which genuine love is the guiding principle in all human relationships

As we journey through the levels of love and self-discovery, we encounter Neptune – a force that challenges, transforms and ultimately uplifts us. May it guide us on our path to inner fulfilment and the discovery of true, unconditional love.

Sincerely, Tanja