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Self-knowledge and personal growth in the new year of the sun

On 20 March 2024, with the equinox, not only did spring officially begin, but so did the astrological year with the sun entering the zodiac sign of Aries.

Each of us is characterised by the currently prevailing Aries energy and can benefit from it. The principle of new beginnings is about focussing your own will on a goal, making courageous decisions and daring to make new starts. Which area of life is particularly affected by this depends on where Aries and its ruler planet Mars are located in the personal horoscope.

Each astrological year can be assigned to a specific planetary principle. This year, the focus is on the solar principle. The Sun, as the brightest light in the sky, not only gives us warmth, but also represents self-knowledge, creative self-expression and self-realisation. While the will to act is embodied by Aries Mars, it is up to the Sun to put courageous decisions into practice and realise them.

In the current Aries phase, we can recognise particularly clearly where in our lives it is time to set off for new shores and take a risk. With the Sun’s support, we can take our self-realisation into our own hands, dedicate ourselves to our personal growth and soon shine in our most beautiful light.