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The aim of writing is to make others see.

Joseph Conrad

Tanja’s Astro-Blog

  • Fiery words – challenges of Mercury retrograde in Aries

    Astrologically speaking, there are various reasons why there is a lot of tension and fiery activity in the air at the moment. Perhaps you have already noticed here and there that mutual understanding is difficult and misunderstandings are becoming more frequent. You may also be confronted with aggressive and brash communication.

    These are typical effects of the current Mercury retrograde in Aries. (01.04.2024 – 25.04.2024)

    Of course, the planet Mercury is not really moving back in its orbit. You can perceive an optical illusion from Earth that makes it look as if the planet Mercury is actually moving backwards. As it is the fastest planet in our solar system and also particularly close to the Earth, Mercury goes retrograde about three to four times a year.

    When Mercury retrograde moves through the impulsive fire sign Aries, it is very possible that your own frustration level will be more than exhausted. The impetuous Aries always wants to go further and sees itself thwarted by Mercury’s retrograde energy. During this time, you should pay particular attention to what you say and, above all, how you say it. The slightest difference in your choice of words and tone can lead to a major misunderstanding or even an argument.

    Mercury retrograde in Aries asks us to take a step back and reconsider our actions and communication. It is a time when misunderstandings can occur more frequently and spontaneous decisions could prove to be unwise in hindsight. It is therefore advisable to be particularly careful during this phase and not to act hastily.

    In order to overcome the challenges of Mercury retrograde in Aries and benefit from the opportunities, it is important to be patient and remain flexible. Instead of letting frustration get the better of us, we should focus on organising our thoughts and consciously shaping our actions. This is a time when we can use our inner strength and determination to overcome obstacles and emerge stronger from the Mercury retrograde phase.

    Sincerely, Tanja

  • Self-knowledge and personal growth in the new year of the sun

    On 20 March 2024, with the equinox, not only did spring officially begin, but so did the astrological year with the sun entering the zodiac sign of Aries.

    Each of us is characterised by the currently prevailing Aries energy and can benefit from it. The principle of new beginnings is about focussing your own will on a goal, making courageous decisions and daring to make new starts. Which area of life is particularly affected by this depends on where Aries and its ruler planet Mars are located in the personal horoscope.

    Each astrological year can be assigned to a specific planetary principle. This year, the focus is on the solar principle. The Sun, as the brightest light in the sky, not only gives us warmth, but also represents self-knowledge, creative self-expression and self-realisation. While the will to act is embodied by Aries Mars, it is up to the Sun to put courageous decisions into practice and realise them.

    In the current Aries phase, we can recognise particularly clearly where in our lives it is time to set off for new shores and take a risk. With the Sun’s support, we can take our self-realisation into our own hands, dedicate ourselves to our personal growth and soon shine in our most beautiful light.

  • Neptune: A journey through the levels of love and self-discovery

    Dive into the deep waters of the human experience and you will encounter Neptune – a mystical force that blurs the boundaries of our reality and takes us on a journey through the levels of love and self-discovery.

    On the material level, Neptune manifests as a dazzling illusion that challenges our certainties. Its arrival often brings confusion as it blurs the clear lines of life and leads us into a fog of uncertainty. Many find refuge in fantasy worlds or desperately search for love to fill the void left by Neptune.

    But on the emotional level, Neptune reveals a transformative power. His touch ignites a flame of love that envelops everything and makes us forget the importance of material desires. Some are prepared to sacrifice everything for this love, while others throw themselves into social projects in order to find a deeper meaning. But caution is advised, because this devotion can lead to us losing ourselves and becoming entangled in dependencies.

    On the mental level, Neptune strives for universal love – an ideal that transcends all boundaries. Here our senses are sharpened and we open ourselves to a deeper communication with the universe. This love knows no boundaries and is often referred to as Christ consciousness. It holds the potential for healing and redemption, and it could usher in a new era of coexistence in which genuine love is the guiding principle in all human relationships

    As we journey through the levels of love and self-discovery, we encounter Neptune – a force that challenges, transforms and ultimately uplifts us. May it guide us on our path to inner fulfilment and the discovery of true, unconditional love.

    Sincerely, Tanja

  • My first newspaper article

    I am delighted that my first astrological newspaper article was published. I am also happy to share it with you in digital form. Enjoy reading it!
    Sincerely, Tanja

  • The magic of the sign of Pisces: a spiritual adventure of love and self-knowledge

    A fascinating journey is revealed in the world of Pisces. The symbol of the zodiac sign Pisces shows two connected shells. With one bowl he stands on earth, with the other in higher spheres. Its mission is to connect both levels. The Pisces draws its motivation from pure love, a drive that motivates it to give and do everything – always on a voluntary basis, because pressure is alien to it.
    Without the guiding principle of love, the Pisces is unreliable and difficult to grasp. His sensitivity, comparable to delicate antennae, leads him to repeatedly retreat into the world of his dreams, far away from harsh reality. Here he finds solace and inspiration in order to return stronger.
    An exciting chapter in Pisces’ journey is to learn from systematic Virgo, its opposite sign. The ability to organise, structure and bring order to any (everyday) situation are key qualities that Pisces can take from Virgo and use for their own growth.
    The advanced Pisces reaches a level of mastery by integrating impulses from higher, divine spheres into their everyday life. This gift gives him the power of a healer, able not only to heal himself but also to touch the world around him with the magic of love.
    In each swimming step, the fish reveals not only its ability to adapt to the duality of worlds, but also the transformative power of love that makes it a true mediator between heaven and earth. His story is an invitation to us all to explore the magic of love as a catalyst for self-knowledge and spiritual growth.
    Sincerely, Tanja

  • When the air is electrified

    Have you noticed how well the qualities of Aquarius and Uranus can be observed at the moment? Events are coming thick and fast, sudden outbursts or breakthroughs are taking over. You may be particularly irritable, thin-skinned or in flight mode at the moment. The world feels like it’s going crazy.

    On the one hand, there is a new moon in Aquarius shortly before midnight tonight, and on the other hand, the Sun and Moon are in a combative conjunction with Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius. Over the next few days, more planets will move into Aquarius, so its qualities will be very noticeable for some time to come.

    However, this doesn’t mean that it’s best to bury your head in the sand and wait until the storm has passed. On the contrary, Aquarius helps us to switch to a bird’s eye view. It stands for awareness work. So instead of hiding or fleeing from the lightning storm, you could try to observe yourself, mentally take a step back and notice what is happening around you. Then you can ask yourself: “How do I feel right now?”, “Why exactly do I feel this way?”, “Do I recognise this feeling from a previous situation?”, “Why does this trigger so many emotions?”, “What could be the message behind this?”. You may also realise that all the hustle and bustle around you has nothing to do with you and you consciously decide that you don’t want to be infected or triggered by it. The qualities of Aquarius help us to maintain a healthy distance and, by becoming aware of ourselves, to better distinguish which issues are really our own and which issues we can confidently leave to others. With such a conscious attitude, you can be in the middle of a storm without being affected. You become a neutral observer and see what is happening from a completely new perspective.

    Sincerely, Tanja