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It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Dipl. AZB Astrology Consultant

Astrologie-Zentrum Bern

Member i-fap

International Professional Association for Astrological Psychology

Tanja Fischer

I was born on 16.09.1985 at 23:08 in Baden. I cannot say that astrology was always omnipresent or welcome in my life. Especially in the rebellious years as a young adult I was firmly convinced that only those things exist which I could see, touch or grasp with my mind. Accordingly, it was also clear to me that with enough will of my own, coupled with a lot of discipline, I could achieve or rather force anything I wanted. Interestingly, however, again and again people came into my life who aroused my interest with their knowledge about astrology. So there were definitely phases in which I dealt with classical astrology. However, I came away from it again and again, because it was simply too absolute for me and felt thereby foreign-determining for me.

In my early thirties, an identity crisis came over me out of nowhere. Suddenly, a lot of things in my life didn’t feel right anymore. I realized that I didn’t know myself, my true needs and desires. In my search for a tool to support this process of self-awareness, I came across astrological psychology. I literally devoured the literature about it. It served me as an enormously valuable instrument for self-knowledge and consciousness work. To see it in practice, I visited a counselor for astrological psychology. I have never before in my life felt so recognized by another person as by this consultant, who had never seen me before. This experience was ultimately the decisive point to tackle the training as a consultant for astrological psychology. In the course of the training I developed a fascination for hermetics and symbolic languages, which led me to complete an additional training as a tarot consultant in parallel. The tarot cards are full of astrological symbols and follow the same laws, for example with the four elements (fire, water, air, earth), as astrology does. Therefore both tools can be combined very well in a consultation. I have successfully completed both trainings in the summer of 2022.

The possibility of using the tool of a horoscope or the images of the tarot cards to place one’s life in a higher context, to put everything in its place and thus to recognize the meaning and the chance in a crisis, I would now like to make available within the framework of my consulting activities.

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